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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Projects

Those of you who know and love me, know that I am not that creative. My sister Shelly got those genes. But I'm pretty good at following directions, especially if the project doesn't require many steps. So this fall, we've done two projects that I'm pretty happy with. Thought I'd share.

Last weekend we hunted for pretty leaves and took some pictures of the beautiful trees around town. I saw this post on Sarah's blog, and thought the boys and I would enjoy waxing the leaves we found. Instead of hanging them, we put them in this pretty bowl from my MIL Carolyn. If I could figure out how to hang them in such a pretty way like Sarah does, I would try it out. For now, the bowl works well!

All you need to purchase is a disposable metal pan and 1 box of Gulf Wax, found at the grocery store in the canning area. Melt the wax in the metal pan on low heat (I was surprised how quickly it melted!) and transfer the pan to your counter top. Line the counter top with newspapers and then wax paper.

Carefully dip the leaves by their stem into the wax, let drip and then place on the wax paper. Once cooled, they peel right off. The boys had never "played" with wax before so it was a lot of fun. Thomas is using the leftover Gulf Wax to sculpt something. It was quick, cheap, easy, and mess-free. My kind of craft project!

I saw this adorable Trick-or-Treat idea in Southern Living magazine. Here's all you need:

I used Blow Pops instead of Dum-Dums because they're larger. I used the small size of Bounce paper towels and cut them in half. Because Blow Pops have the wrapper twist at the top, I tucked it down before putting the paper towel on and securing it with the yarn so that it would look like a ghost and not a member of some racist organization.

I think they turned out really cute. In Southern Living they stuck the ghosts in a small hay bale. I'm having a hard time getting them to stick in the hay bale on our front porch, so I think I'll use this bowl instead. I think kids will get a kick out of them on Halloween night. Again - cheap, easy, and cute.


Wendy said...

Very cute! Great ideas!

Becky said...

I liked how you stuck the ghosts in the skein of yarn! Years ago I painted a styrofoam cone black and just stuck the sticks in that, although it's not so pretty as they get removed. So I think the bowl idea is the way to go.

Wanda said...

I think you're mighty crafty.
Thanks for such cute ideas!