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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mamaw and Aunt Hilda

My grandmother and aunt came to visit last night! They're doing a Thelma and Louise 2 week road trip and stopped here on their way to visit my grandmother's 2 sisters and brother in Michigan. David took them to Zaharako's and Neiman Marcus for some souvenirs while the boys and I finished up getting supper ready. They're only in for the night but will stay with us again next week on their way back south.

Brennan wanted Aunt Hilda to watch his favorite show with him. She happily agreed. Unfortunately for her, Fetch is recorded on TiVo and that's in our room. Look at that smile of contentment on his face though. He talked non-stop throughout the show explaining everything that was going on. She's a saint.

Thomas is doing a 3 month Family Folklore project and has to interview 4 family members face-to-face. He was excited that Mamaw was coming so he could interview her about her life and her parents and siblings. I learned quite a bit myself!

The Interview

We love having family visit!

1 comment:

Sharon said...

how great to see families enjoying each other like that! Beautiful!