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Sunday, August 8, 2010

101 Places to See Before You're 12 - An Olympic Training Center

An Olympic Training Center

On our trip around Lake Michigan (officially called a Circle Tour), we decided to visit the Pettit Center in Milwaukee to see what a real Olympic Training Center looks like!

Here is Grandma Nan with the boys

I emailed the Pettit Center before our trip to see if it would be possible to see the ice center on a Sunday morning.  The manager there was so great.  We didn't ask for a tour, but they were quick to answer my emails and assured me we'd be able to get in and look around.

While many Olympic athletes train regularly in their hometowns, we understand that most competitive figure and speed skaters train at some point at the Pettit Center.

While we were there youth hockey teams were getting ready for a Sunday morning game.  In addition to Olympic athletes, many local youth and adults also participate in sports at the ice center.  It was really cool (no pun intended) to see!

During local competitions, this is where the athletes stand to receive their medals.

From the Book:
#15 - An Olympic Training Center
The Olympic Games are the ultimate event for any athlete - the chance to compete against the best in the world, break records, win medals, or achieve a personal best.  You may not be able to attend the actual games, but you can watch the world's fastest, strongest, and best athletes preparing for them at an Olympic Training Center.  Catch a trial or qualifying event, or just watch as athletes go through their daily training routines.  You'll see first-hand that being a world-class athlete requires more than natural talent.  Behind every perfect dive or dismount, there's a lot of frustration and hard work.  That's why Olympic athletes are so inspiring and you gotta see them do their thing.


Anna said...

it seems like y'all are really getting through that list of 101 places! I need to find a copy of that book, I know my kids would really enjoy some of these activities.
Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog, I couldn't find your e-mail to reply to, but that black frame I got from Creative memories a few years ago (they sell scrapbooking things by catalog and online too I think). It is a magnet board

Joanne said...

This is so awesome, Bonnie! Thanks for posting- I'm so glad they let you look around!