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Thursday, August 12, 2010

101 Places to See Before You're 12 - A Lighthouse

A Lighthouse

We found out that Michigan is the state with the most lighthouses - 124 still standing.  I was really hoping we'd be able to see one up close on our trip.  A side trip to Whitefish Point was the opportunity we needed!

This map with the red error shows you where on the Upper Peninsula Whitefish Point is.

I didn't buy many souvenirs on our trip, but I did get a small replica of this lighthouse.  It was really fun to see one up close and tour the keepers' home attached to the left.

We did not tour the Shipwreck Museum - Thomas was apprehensive that we were going to make him go through this.  After the Queen Mary, he was dreading it.  There was enough to see at Whitefish Point.

Now that's a big rudder!

We walked out to Lake Superior.

Near the water the shoreline was very rocky - but little rocks, not large rocks like I usually see on rocky coasts.

Whitefish Point Light Station is no longer manned.  It is run electronically from Sault Saint Marie in Ontario.  But while we were there we got to hear it sound! 

A couple of freighters passed by...

...and we got to hear the low sound from the lighthouse.  I really enjoyed it!

From the Book:
#1 - A Lighthouse
Imagine the things a lighthouse has seen:  clipper ships in full sail, battles at sea, and maybe even pirates - things we'll never see.  Visiting a lighthouse is like traveling back in time, to the era before cars and airplanes, when crossing the ocean took months, not hours, and a light shining on the shore in the night could mean the difference between life and death for a sailor.  Besides all that, lighthouses happen to be located in some of the most amazing places, and some will let you climb (hundreds of steps) to the top for a view you'll never forget.

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