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Friday, August 13, 2010

101 Places to See Before You're 12 - A Superlative Place

A Superlative Place

We had the chance to see not 1 but 2 superlative places while we were on our Lake Michigan trip.  The first was Lake Superior - the largest lake in North America.  I'll warn you - it was a rainy day the day we explored Lake Superior so the photos aren't that great :)

Here we are in Munising, Michigan.  Brennan's never met a body of water he didn't need to step into and check out. 

Near Paradise, Michigan we stopped to see the Lake again.

Sand volleyball on Lake Superior - that would be fun!

Brennan is happiest in water.  He reminds me of Percy Jackson (the book series).

At Whitefish Point on the northeastern tip of the Upper Peninsula.

On a sand bar on Lake Superior.  Had to check it out, of course.  The boys went all the way out on the bar.

The Upper Level falling into Lake Superior.

The second superlative place we visited was the Mackinac Bridge on our way from the Upper Peninsula to the Lower Peninsula of Michigan.

This map shows you where Mackinac Bridge is located.

Mackinac Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the Western Hemisphere - it's 5 miles long.  It's a beautiful bridge - very well maintained.  I'm sure there are much more beautiful photos of it online.

I found some better photos on Google Images!

From the Book:
#9 - A Superlative Place
In case you were absent the day superlatives were discussed in language arts class, a superlative is an adjective that's used to compare things.  Superlatives usually end in est: highest, longest, smallest, deepest, or most (rather than mest - English doesn't always make sense, does it?).  A superlative place is the most something place in the country or maybe the world.  Why see one?  Because it's a kind of measuring stick against which to judge all other places.  And it will impress your friends when you say, "Yes, this mountain is tall, but I've seen the tallest one in the whole country."  You might want to make up some of your own superlatives, too:  "That is the ugliest house I've ever seen." 

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