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Friday, August 13, 2010

Souvenirs, A Cool Artist, and Hobby Lobby is Great!

When we were in California, I don't think we bought a single souvenir except for a few t-shirts.  I consider t-shirts basic necessities for my 3 boys, so they don't really count :).  But really, we don't need any more stuff so it's easy to stay out of a shopping mode these days.

On our Lake Michigan trip though, I indulged in a few memories - nothing extravagant as you'll see.

Love the little Whitefish Point lighthouse and Mackinac Bridge - now where in the world will I put them?

When we were on Mackinac Island I fell in love with this hand-blown glass shop.  Brennan helped me pick this out - now where am I going to hang it?  It could be a (rather large) Christmas tree ornament, but it could hang somewhere year-round.  Just not sure where.

Look at the pretty colors up close!

My true indulgence was a piece of art.  On our carriage tour we passed this art store and I really, really liked the art that we saw.  I talked the family into returning so I could take a quick look.  I would love to have gotten a large piece, but it was (way) out of my price range.

I chose a smaller piece - acrylic impressionistic - of the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island.  The artist was there painting (so cool!) and she took a photo of us with her iPhone and emailed it to me while the shop was wrapping up the piece.

I went to Hobby Lobby and the very nice framer Kathy helped me find this little stand for my painting.  I love it!

Since I was going to Hob-Lob, I took this postcard from Brennan's favorite author.  You can read about the package she sent him here

I wanted to frame this postcard, but wanted to be able to see the front and the back.  Kathy at Hobby Lobby actually made this frame for me while.I.waited!  She was awesome.

We took a black frame (on sale for $3.50) and removed the cardboard backing.  She took a second piece of glass ($7) and cleaned them both and then placed the postcard perfectly centered between the glass, adhering the card.  She then put the frame back together and took a wicked looking hydraulic stapler and stapled the glass into the frame without.shattering.the.glass.  And then added a sawtooth holder on the back to hang it by.  I couldn't believe she went to all the trouble - it is exactly what I was hoping for and I got it in 10 minutes and was only $10.50. 

I think Brennan is excited about it. Excited as 8 year old boys get about art hanging in their hallway.

I was thrilled with Hobby Lobby - great customer service!


Kendra said...

Cool! I love souvenirs from trips that aren't "junk". :-)

Erin said...

Oooh! I love that tiny picture. That was so nice of the artist, too. Glad to hear that Hobby Lobby is a cool place. One is opening in our city soon...I've heard so much about it, but never been to one.