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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chalk Board Halloween

I made a cute Halloween project today.  As you know, I don't come up with any of these ideas on my own - all borrowed!

This time I borrowed a project idea from the latest Pottery Barn catalog!

I realized when I started writing on my rocks that PB used really smooth ones - that was a good idea! 
I took rocks from our front yard and painted them with leftover chalkboard paint from this project.

I'm not sure if David will wish I hadn't used our landscaping rocks or if he'll be glad I used them instead of paying good money to Lowe's for a bunch of rocks!  (Or if he's even reading this blog!)

The chalkboard paint is so forgiving.  I just slapped in on with a foam brush.  It dries really quickly so I was then able to flip them over and paint the underside.  I just did one coat.

This project took absolutely no time.  Drying time for both sides was under an hour.  I think this would be a fun project to do with kids at a Halloween party.  Because I had the rocks, foam brush, chalkboard paint and chalk, this project was completely FREE!

I'm in no way ready to let go of the Summer yet and move into Fall but I thought this was a cute way to move in that direction.  The boys came home from school and found them immediately.  Now they're talking about Halloween costumes.



Paula said...

I think these are as cute as can be. I am probably the only blogger in blogland who hasn't used chalkboard paint.

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