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Monday, August 9, 2010

101 Places to See Before You're 12 - A Radical Rock Formation

A Radical Rock Formation

On the second night of our trip we arrived in Munising, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula, right on the coast of Lake Superior. 

We stayed at a cool hotel - an AmericInn.  I don't recall staying at one before.  It was great for kids.  Cool ginormous chairs out front.
The indoor pool also had a 100 foot long water slide.  The boys burned lots of energy that evening!

The next morning we headed into Hiawatha National Forest and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

Pictured Rocks is on Lake Superior and has some pretty rocks formations.  We had to stop on the way in order to see Lake Superior. 
(Sleepy Brennan?)

It was a drizzly day but Brennan had to explore the lakeshore. 

Most of the rock formations at Pictured Rocks you get to by hiking distances we weren't prepared to hike, and it was a wet day.  I understand the best views are from a boat tour.  But the most famous of the rock formations at Pictured Rocks we got to see.  It's called Miners Castle.  There was a second "turret" on top of the rock formation but in 2006 it toppled into the lake!

Look at Lake Superior below!

After the hike we hiked on another path to get closer to Miners Castle.  You can see where the other turret was.

Enjoying beautiful Hiawatha National Forest.  Brennan loves to be out in nature.

From the Book:
#69 - A Radical Rock Formation
Nature is a better sculptor than humans could ever hope to be - it just takes its time creating its works of art.  Nature uses wind and water as its tools, wearing away a little bit of rock or stone every year until it creates a fantastic sculpture.  It may take tens of thousands (or even millions) of years to complete, but what's the rush?  Nature has all the time in the world.  Nature's radical rock formations sometimes resemble something we recognize (such as the Dinosaur or Elephant Rock) and sometimes look like something from outer space (such as the hoodoos and badlands of the west).  Either way, you just gotta see them.

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