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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Burlesque Bingo

Yes, you read that right - Burlesque Bingo!

My book club, the Litwits, planned to take a reading break during the month of May.
Our May hosts, Sam and Alexa, we thought might choose a local movie for us to see together.
They came up with an even better idea.
As they tried to describe it to us a couple of months back, I just kept thinking,
"No description necessary.  You had me at Burlesque Bingo."

Lora and I trekked to Indy earlier this week, not sure at all what was in store for us.
We traveled to Fountain Square to the White Rabbit Cabaret.

Lora and me, ready for the show

Mike and Mary

Sam and Alexa

I neglected to get a photo of Stacy and Walt  :(
We had a great turnout for the show.
I was thankful we got there early because by the time it started, the club was packed!

The show kicked off with our host, the creepy crown.
He was joined by his brother - the slightly less creepy crown.

And of course, the talented Burlesque girls.

Our creepy host and the talented ladies. 
It was an absolutely hilarious show.

And yes, we really did play Bingo!
When someone in the crowd won Bingo, they would go onstage to get their prize and the ladies would continue their burlesque-ing, down to the tassels.

Mary and the co-host 

Mike and our host.  See what I mean?  Creepy.

Stacy and Alabaster Betty

The "prizes" were hilarious and everyone was such a good sport. 

Lora and I left a little early because it was a school night, and we unfortunately missed the best part where Mike won a mirrored unicorn and danced with the ladies.

The show was an absolute blast and I would love to go again, this time taking David.
(wish it was on a weekend instead of mid-week!)

Best part - spending the evening with the Litwits!

Hugs to Sam and Alexa for hosting.

1 comment:

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

You have the most fun, Bonnie!!! I want to be in the Litwits!!!!