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Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Goals

I completed about half of my April goals, and that's great! 
Sometimes, what looks important at the beginning of my month, ends up not taking priority throughout the weeks.  I know I'm focusing on the right things.

Update Master Bathroom
Enjoy Easter with Friends
Focus on My Fitness Goals
Complete 1 Painting Project
Garden, Prune, Mulch, Plant, Sweep, Water
Get Carpets Cleaned
Start Family Bike Rides

So, here are my May 2011 Goals!

Open the Pool
Enjoy Time with the Moms (who are visiting this month)
Finish School Strong (including all my volunteer commitments)
Continue Focus on my Fitness Goals (always important)
Mulch, Plant, Weed
Master Bathroom Updates
Plan Our NYC Trip

Happy May!

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