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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Photo - A - Day: The Trumpeter!

Several of my blog friends do a great job of capturing a photo a day in their lives and sharing these special moments on their blogs.  I'm going to join them and do the same, starting today.  Check out Sarah's blog here for a great example!

I think a lot of my life is made up in the little things that happen in the 2:30 - 6:30 timeframe every day.  I have a color-coded calendar.  Anything to do with the boys is in blue.  My afternoons are all blue!  And I love it.  I am so grateful to have a chance to be at home with the boys and taxi them around every afternoon.  A friend on facebook made the opposite comment the other day.  While I didn't weigh in, I completely disagreed.  Those 4 hours/day are totally worth it to me.

Today's photos are all about Thomas.  These were taken yesterday (somewhat stealthily) on my iPhone.
As Thomas starts 6th grade in August (HOW is that possible??), he had the opportunity to test out instruments yesterday to join the 6th grade band.

Thomas plays piano and does pretty well on it, so I wasn't sure he'd take on another instrument, although I was going to strongly encourage it.  No need - he came home telling me all about his wish to play the trumpet.  Now, the trumpet is super popular and we understand not everyone gets their instrument choice, so we went in with an open mind.

Our appointment was for 4:00 and Thomas kept watching the clock to make sure we weren't late, in fact, better to be early.  Their music teacher had already tested the kids on a number of skills and Thomas had then circled his top two choices - percussion and trumpet.

The high school band director worked with Thomas yesterday,

then called me over for a consultation.  Thomas had proven equally good at both and he had his choice.  Trumpet.  The band director asked him to consider percussion as well because he did really well on it and it's harder to master.  Trumpet.  He tests all the kids on a scale on the brass instruments.  Those who struggle hitting the high notes would have a harder time.  Thomas nailed the scale easily.  Trumpet. 

We now have a trumpeter in the family!
We rented our new instrument and he'll start Band Camp with the rest of the group on June 3rd. 
I can't even tell you how excited he is!

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Paula said...

Congratulations to your new trumpet player!

I have a post to link to your party tomorrow!