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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wine Club - Zinfandels

Barry and Leigh hosted our 4th Wine Club last night and it was a fantastic evening!

They are wonderful hosts and set the bar very high for all of us who will be hosting in the future!
The food was delicious.
Leigh put out the chocolate that they received for having the winning Shiraz at our house.  It was great with the Red Zinfandels.

The 9 unique Zinfandels were wrapped and set up for our tasting to begin.

Our group is growing and changing so we all had a great time snacking, sipping on non-Zinfandels, and catching up with everyone before the tasting began.

Jeff, Rob, and Lora

Roger, Greg, and Vinita 

Rosann, Mary, and Jan 

Everyone took a seat in the living and dining rooms with our glass and scoring form.

Ginger and Lora

The tasting was a lot of fun (our group is split between wine pros and whin-o's).
Zinfandels are delicious!

Our hosts tallied our scores and announced the top 3 wines.

We were the winners!
We won a great set of wine tasting scoring forms.
Confession:  We learned about the winning wine from an earlier party at Barry and Leigh's. 
They should really claim the title!

And our top 3 were:
#1 Earthquake
#2 Rendition
#3 Elyse

It was a beautiful evening with friends.
Thanks Barry and Leigh!

Next up:  Malbecs!


Paula said...

These parties look like so much fun and a great way to learn more about wines.

Mary said...

Bonnie - I think the group needs T-shirts. How about a clock face with one hand at 7:00 "Wine Pros's and the other hand at 10:00 - "Wine O's". Thanks for the blog and not posting the lounging couch pics.