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Monday, May 9, 2011

Spring 2011 Photos

I have lots of random photos taken by our phones from this spring that I wanted to share, so bear with me.

The last 4 or 5 weeks have been really, really rainy and chilly around here.  It's great for our yard but we haven't been outdoors enough.  During the breaks in the raindrops we have managed to have some outdoor fun.

Several weeks ago the boys and I took a long bike ride together.
Our family bike rides always include a stop at a favorite ice cream shop.

See Thomas's dimple?  So cute.

Thomas loves, loves, loves to stop and look at all the sculptures throughout town.

One of the parks that we ride through was flooded and we had to go through some seriously muddy puddles.  When we got home the boys were sooooo proud of their muddy bikes.

Brennan has been enjoying being a Cub Scout this year.  One Pack meeting they had some outdoor fun.  Here he is with a slingshot for the first time, shooting dog food.

I got an iPhone and absolutely love it.  The boys play on it all the time.  My friend Laurie told me how to take a photo of what's on the screen.  I showed Thomas one day (see the texts from my hair stylist).  And now I get to see all sorts of super fun photos of my phone when I finally get it back.

Their favorite game to play on my phone - Cut the Rope. 

Mother's Day was a lot of fun.
David surprised me with flowers and a gift, and a sweet card from my 3 boys.
Thomas made me a number of origami creations.  He is really talented.
Brennan planted a plant for me for the kitchen at Cub Scouts.
They let me go off and have a couple hours of fun with some friends and I had some good quality time with the boys.  They've recently discovered No Bake Cookies so we made some together. 

Brennan really wanted to treat me to dinner for Mother's Day.  He talked about it all day.  I picked Panera on our way to the movie.  He forgot his wallet and was devastated.  We decided he would treat another time.

The Japanese community hosted a We Pray for Japan fundraiser downtown.
Along with great food they had 3 concerts to raise funds for earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan.

We enjoyed great food and then toured the soon-to-be-opened Commons.
The Prom had been held there the night before with over 1000 students in attendance.
Next weekend is the official opening of our newest city building which has an awesome indoor playground, concert hall and lots more. 

We were there the night the old Commons closed for the Bringing Down the Commons party.  It'll be fun to be there for the opening of the new building next weekend!

Moving sculpture, Chaos, is still a prominent feature in the lobby.  Thomas loves Chaos.  There is a school system-wide essay contest and the student chosen will get to push the button at the opening ceremony to start Chaos back up. 

Looking at the names of those who made it all possible. 

Bike racks out front. 

It's been a quiet spring for us. 
Looking forward to finishing out the school year strong and then diving into a fun, and hopefully warm, summer!


Paula said...

Looks like you've had a fun couple of weeks!

Can you do a tutorial on how to take a screenshot of your phone?

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I would love an iPhone!!! You lucky duck! I have Cut the Rope on my iPad, and I am addicted to it, Bonnie! Methinks I must needs an intervention! Have a great week!

Ricki Jill