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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Master Bath Windows - Finally a Solution!

Eight months ago I asked for your help, and I finally have our solution to share with you!
Our home is one-of-a-kind, designed by a local architect and built in 1983.
There are lots of features about the house that I love (especially the lot), and there are some really unique rooms that pose interesting decorating opportunities.
Like the master bath.  I shared some of the photos with you at the link above.

This is what the master bath windows looked like when we moved in.
They loved blinds.
Blue blinds.  Our house had a lot of mauve and blue blinds which are all gone :)

We kept the blinds for a short while and then removed them and didn't have any window treatments for awhile. 
The windows face the front yard but it's a deep yard and there's very little traffic, and no one could see in - they're up so high. 
But they let in a lot of light and looked completely unfinished.

Then I looked for a simple curtain solution and we had these valances up for quite awhile.
It was a temporary fix that turned into a long-term solution.
The curtains were too short and they weren't awesome, but they worked.

After I asked for your advice, we settled on bamboo shades and I LOVE THEM!!!
Of course, these windows are an odd size so I had to have them custom made.
I put that off for awhile, then they took 6 weeks to come in, then it took us a month to hang them.
But now they're up and I really love them!

You'll notice we updated the countertop, fixtures, and light.
The mirror will be framed soon.

The shades are from Lowe's and David and I are really happy with them. 
I think they look sooo much better than those curtains and blinds.

What do you think?


Anna said...

they look so great, really updates the space! I like the new counter tops and light fixture too, looks like a brand new bathroom!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a great solution! I'll keep these in mind! ♥