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Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Year of Sports

This year I am determined to introduce the boys to sporting events. 
We live so close to Indianapolis and in a city that has a lot of great sports teams and events.
While they like to play some sports, they are not really into sports.

READING is their thing.

Brennan's 8th birthday. 
They couldn't finish opening the gifts because the first one was a book and they stalled.

 When I ask them where they want to go in town on a free afternoon, the list always includes our local library.

Here they are at the NY Public Library, making themselves at home.

And if they aren't reading, it's because we've let them play with their DS's.
Airport, returning from NYC this summer

They have tried out most of the park and rec sports over the years. 
Last year though I asked them to both pick their sport and we'll stick with that throughout the year. 
 Brennan picked swimming and Thomas chose tennis.  Awesome!

I asked in the car the other day if they knew any famous swimmers or tennis players.
LeBron James?  Uh, no.  He's a basketball player.
John McCain?  Clearly, we have work to do.

So, whether we all like it or not we are embarking on a Year of Sports where we attend local sporting events and get a flavor for what it's like to be a sports fan.

On Thursday we went to a high school tennis tourney.
One of the local schools was playing their big rival.

This may not look like a rabid fan to you - but the fact that he was up getting a closer view of the really good players was awesome. 
And he didn't even ask if he could take a book!

We stayed about an hour and I asked for some feedback.
His first comment was "I really need to work on my serve with Dad on Saturday." 
Well, alright!

And last night we went with friends to see our two local high schools battle it out on the football field, on ESPNU, no less! 
One of our teams' quarterbacks was rated #2 in the nation so ESPNU came to broadcast the game. 
We have talked for years about taking the boys to a local high school football game. 
Last night was a terrific first experience.

We moms and kids arrived early because they were expecting a massive crowd.
Brennan enjoyed watching the cheerleaders and getting some special attention.

The dads arrived and the game got underway.
Tons of school spirit. 
We don't have a real allegiance yet to either of the high schools but it was fun to see the local rivalry.

And serious team spirit!

Frat boy in the making.

Thomas especially loved the football game. 
He hung out with his friends, loved the food and the activity. 
He'd love to do it again, I'm sure.
Fun Night!


Cassie said...

Sports are so much fun! When my boys get old enough I will be enrolling them in all kinds of sports! =D

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Hello, my friend! I am playing on your blog today. I must say I love this post. Got to love some school spirit! And you know how I wish we were neighbors. I want to be in your wine/dinner club!!!

We just packed Shanley's car, and she is headed back to Tuscaloosa. She has been so sick, Bonnie, and I have been one frustrated mom!!!

Ricki Jill