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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Random Late Summer Photos

I wanted to share a bunch of late summer photos!

Thomas and Elliot enjoying Elliot's new ride

 Krista coaching Brennan this summer

Krista is fantastic and Brennan made great progress on his strokes, flip turns, and race times

Brennan begged for an algebra or calculus workbook.
We happily complied.  He was sooo excited when it came in from amazon.

iPhone photo
He immediately got to work (see the discarded banana?)  I had to send this photo to David at work.  I knew he would be super proud.

Boys getting their back-to-school haircuts with Miss Kristen

We had friends over to swim and a cookout on Saturday night and had a blast.
These 7 kids are growing up waaaay too fast!
I hate that I took such a blurry photo.

The boys' school had a 6th grade breakfast yesterday.
It was a ton of fun and the kids did a scavenger hunt as well.

Thomas and friends.
Photos courtesy of one of the 6th grade moms.

The very sweet 6th grade teachers. 
Thomas's teacher is the 3rd.  She's fantastic! 
I think this is the only grade without at least one male teacher!

A great summer!

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