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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wine Club - Sauvignon Blancs

Another wonderful evening with our wine club on Saturday night.
This is a fantastic group of people we've pulled together.
It's one of my favorite events each month!

This month Mike & Mary hosted us and we sampled Sauvignon Blancs.

Mary is an amazing cook - I've shared her blog with you before.  Check it out here!
The table was set up with absolutely delicious treats.

We all loved the soup (in large shot glasses!)
I am looking forward to trying out the recipe for my family and sharing it with you.

Mike did a great job on the cheese plate!
I'm not sure I'd tried Ballyshannon before but I loved it.  Light and creamy.

The weather cooperated beautifully.
We enjoyed sitting outdoors when we started the wine tasting.
A plus was that .38 Special was playing at a nearby park.
We were able to hear them in the background.

Mary grows a lot of vegetables and herbs.
Check out her tomato plants!

Everyone had a fun time catching up.
Jan, Charlie, and Jayne

Jeff, Karen, Dave, & Rosann

Vinita and Ginger
 Beans entertained us all 

The desserts were delicious - red velvet cupcakes and mini cheesecakes.

Oh, right - the wines!
Sauvignon Blanc was a great choice for a light, summery wine out by the pool.
Our top 3 winners, from left to right, were:

John and Ginger were the big winners with the Kendall Jackson (what a surprise that it was the winner!) 

A beautiful summer evening with friends!

1 comment:

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a wonderful evening! We like most Kendall Jackson wines! It sure is fun to try some new ones though and to drink with friends! Beautiful photos! ♥