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Monday, December 5, 2011

Bathroom Mirror Frames

This is a project that I am thrilled to have done!
I did not do this project myself - we had a contractor suggest this to me and then he did all the hard work.

I still have a little bit of touch up to do, but overall I'm really happy with the results.

Three of our bathrooms had unframed mirrors. 
We've lived with them for 7 years and I had no plans of purchasing all new mirrors.

Then I saw on several blogs how families had framed their mirrors, or used an online service, and how much better they looked.
When Matt the Contractor suggested he could do it pretty easily, I took him up on it!

A couple of months ago he dropped off the framing boards that he purchased at a local Lowe's-type store called Menards.  I needed 8 boards total for the 3 bathrooms.

I stained/painted them one morning.
Then Matt got busy and the stained boards waited on the screened in porch for several weeks. 

But last week Matt called and asked if he could come complete the project for me.
You bet!

Half-Bath off Kitchen

Here is what the mirror looked like before the frames were built and nailed in.

And after.
So much better I think! 

The other view...before

...and after.
This one I stained ebony because we have a number of black accents in the room.

Master Bathroom

Our master bathroom has undergone a number of changes, step by step, and we have a couple more underway.  I think the addition of the mirror frame was a nice touch.

See the below and after!

And just as a reminder - here's what it looked like the day we moved in.  Blech.

Brennan's Bathroom

I am not sure about the mirror frames in Brennan's bathroom. 
The frames themselves are great but I think they might compete with these light fixtures David chose a few years ago. 

Keep in mind this is a little boys' bathroom.
We kept the blue counter tops because they work for now.
Double mirrors.

Without frames.

And with frames.
The cream color matches the cabinets and goes well with the paint color (pale blue) and flooring.

Not sure I loved it before.

But now, not so sure either.
So we're going to live with it for awhile and then make a decision!

This was not an expensive project and I'm sure a handier person than I could do it him/herself.
It took Matt and his colleague about 3 hours to cut the boards and install them in all 3 bathrooms.

If you decide to frame your mirrors, please learn from my mistake - paint BOTH sides of the boards.
They're installed on top of MIRROR - so you can see the back side. 
I need to figure out how to fix that on two of the mirrors, but for now, I'm concentrating on Christmas!

1 comment:

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

We need to do this project in our home. What a difference it has made in your baths!