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Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Events and Fun

We've had a really fun month, with lots of Christmas activities.  I wanted to share a few photos!

On November 29th we got an unexpected snow! Maybe 2 inches.  I took these photos on our way home from school - we got more later that afternoon.  Of course, phone photos just don't share the beauty.  It was really pretty that afternoon, and of course, the boys couldn't wait to get out and play in it, even trying out sledding!

Speaking of the sled, Brennan left it out for a couple of weeks.  When he and David were stringing Christmas lights recently I reminded him to put his sled away.  Lo and behold - this is what he found hidden underneath - a huge sled-shaped chunk of ice!

David suggested they throw it really high and let it shatter.
Of course, Thomas had to get in on the fun.

Standing back...

See it way up high?

Completely shattered.  Of course, the largest pieces are being preserved in our freezer for some future use.

Brennan and I attended a neighbor's Christmas party a couple of weeks ago.  He snapped this photo of their decorations along the wooden path to their home.

Their piano teacher gives her students homemade Christmas Crackers each year and it's quite a thrill.
The letter on the package reminds kids not to open them in the car on the way home :)
They are filled with confetti, small trinkets and candies, and of course, a crown.

Our church had its Children's Christmas performance last week and Thomas was a part of the choir, playing hand bells and percussion.
The children did a great job with their original play and great music.

Thomas's junior high youth group had its Christmas party yesterday, hosted by Evan's family.
I helped with food and had a great time.
Here's most of the group with youth Pastor Peggy, playing Apples to Apples.

Then instead of heading to the basement for video games they chose to head outside for a kickball game.

Then they had a gift exchange.  Everyone bough a $1 gender-neutral gift and they were able to trade off if they rolled doubles.  Thomas took a homemade Christmas songs CD.

We were thisclose to bringing home the air horn.  Unfortunately fortunately Eli rolled doubles at the last second and was the air horn winner.

A fantastic group of 6th-8th graders!

Hope you're enjoying the Christmas season!

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