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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Blitzen in the Kitchen

We still don't have an official name for our reindeer, but we've been enjoying him since December 1st.
I say WE but it's really all of us except Brennan.
He'd like to ship him back to wherever he came from.

He usually perches on a bookshelf in the kitchen where he looks over us as we eat.
I thought ALL "Elf on the Shelf"'s got into a little mischief, but apparently not.
Most just move from spot to spot in the house, waiting for the kids to find him each day.

Our "Reindeer on a Shelf" gets into a little bit of mischief and I love seeing David and Thomas's faces when they discover him on those mischievous days.  And I love seeing Brennan getting annoyed :)

He got into the mini marshmallows one night.

And he tp'd the Christmas tree one night.

He hung the boys' underwear on the tree (Brennan was not amused).

We found him in a bag of goldfish one morning.

Waiting for us by the milk.

And hiding in the cereal.

He spent a couple of days on top of the coat rack.  

I love seeing all the clever Elf on the Shelf ideas on blogs.
There are some creative parents elves out there!

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