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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Connoisseurs - Holiday Favorites

Our Wine Club changed its focus just a little bit starting this month and we're now the Connoisseurs.
One of the reasons for the subtle shift is that, after 10 months of wine themes, we're going to quickly run out of wines, or have to start over, or move on to something else. 

So we were looking for a way to mix in some flexibility.

Now we ask our hosts to choose whatever theme they are interested in and we all bring a dish and/or drink to share.  It worked beautifully this month as David and I hosted "Holiday Favorites".

Per usual, I did not take a lot of photos because we were hosting and the camera slipped my mind, but I wanted to share the few that I did get.

Robin, Lora, and Roger getting ready to sample the delicious dishes.

John, Vinita, and Jan

I think everyone brought a holiday drink.
I made Gluhwein
We had a Chocolate Wine drink that I loved, and Pomegranate Martinis (yum)!
Mike brought his homemade Australian Chardonnay (delicious), and Leigh and Barry brought a great port.  I'm enjoying ports these days after my Pride and Prejudice party experience with port!
Roger brought Moscow Mules (mm!), we had Bourbon-spike cider which I really liked as well, and gosh, I think I might be missing a cocktail.  They were all great and fun to try.

Great food

Great Hawaiian Hammies

We celebrated a birthday that evening as well.
Roger surprised his lovely wife with cake and ice cream made my a local baker.
We had just about got the surprise all set up when Jan walked into the kitchen to chat with someone.
Here are our nonchalant guests hiding the cakes from Jan's view.

Barry, Leigh, Jeff, and Mike

Red Velvet (Jan's favorite)

German Chocolate

The (genuinely) surprised birthday girl

Celebrating a birthday that evening was the icing on the cake. 

As a small token of my appreciation to this great group of friends, I put together a little gift bag for each couple that included some favorite photos of the past year and the top wine choices each month.

Here are clips - I did them in Excel which here shows the grid lines.
When printed they don't.

An awesome group of friends, a great year of tastings, and excitement for next year!


Paula said...

Another fun party! You are so lucky to have a group of friends who enjoy good food and good drinks and will take the time to make something good so that the evening is special. I would love to be a part of your group!

Your gift to each member is special and useful. I'm on vacation now and will have to print it when I get home.

Brandi said...

Such a fun group to be apart of! Thanks for sharing your evening with us. Your food looks delicious!