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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

Excuse our hair in these photos.

Because school got out late this year, we decided to have our family Christmas on the 23rd, then jump in the car and drive south 10 hours - hopefully all during daylight.

Success - but we didn't bother to primp before opening gifts.

Brennan had a very Mario Christmas.
Every gift he opened (even his new belt and gloves) was very exciting.

I love that he still sits in my lap from time to time.

Wouldn't be Christmas without our mischievous elf reindeer.

Thomas was very excited about his coach-selected new tennis racket.

And of course - no Christmas would be complete for Thomas without multiple Lego-related gifts.

A great game from Aunt Jeanne.

You may laugh, but this book is a thrill. 
At one point in Mississippi 2 of my 3 were arguing over who got to read it before bed time.

Like I said - a very Mario Christmas for Brennan this year.

My sensitive son cried when he realized he'd eaten his chocolate frog from our trip to Harry Potter World in Orlando before I took a picture of him holding it.  So I surprised him with two more for Christmas - and took a photo this time.

My big boy was very excited because he got a new coffee maker.

It's pretty awesome.

Then we took off for a big trip to see family and sight see.

Here are the boys on our way home, 8 days later.
No lack of energy for these two!

We hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

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