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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Celebrating Thomas's Birthday (a little early)

After seven years in a row of a swimming/sundaes birthday party, Thomas decided this year to have his party at the new Laser Tag place in town.  He knows he can always have his friends out to swim anytime, and he was ready for a change!

Summer birthdays are always different because friends travel, and Thomas's real birthday is close to one of the 4th of July weekends, so his party is always sometime in the summer.

This year we pulled it up really early to catch friends before they left town for camp and family vacation.  Last night was a perfect night for getting together with friends!

My (almost) 12 year old!

The kids played laser tag and then we had pizza.
What is it with this age group and photos?  Thomas was sure happy though!

The Laser Tag place does a great job with the birthday parties.
This was the easiest party I've hosted in a looooong time!

They even stamped the napkins!

After another game of Laser Tag (David joined the second game!), Thomas opened his gifts and we had cake.

Thomas and Steven

Thomas chose his cake at Kroger.  He chose not to have his name on it for some reason.  The lady at Kroger was concerned about this, but whatever.  I liked the cool splotches he chose, and the black candles.

We sang and Thomas blew out the candles

The kids loved the arcade games.
Steven was the clear ticket winner!

aack!  Blurry pictures!

Evan, Thomas, Neal, and Nathan

Trevor, Thomas, and Brennan

Rissa was a great sport, being the only girl who could make it.  She held her own with the boys.

June 2000 birthday buddies

And I have to share this picture of Thomas and Rissa from 2005 celebrating their bdays.

They were soooo cute!

Happy birthday, Thomas!
You're getting so big!

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