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Saturday, June 23, 2012

What I've Been Reading - June 2012

I feel like I've finally gotten back on track with my long to-read list. 
I took a little break back there in the spring, but have read a few non-health books that I thought I'd share, and link up with Ricki Jill on her Literary Friday linky party.

David and I have been reading a number of interesting health/diet/cookbooks since we've altered some of our eating habits, but I doubt they're of interest, so I'll just share the literature books at this time!  You can see all I've been reading on goodreads.com.

My daytime book club chose Same Kind of Different as Me for our July read.
This is a true story of Ron Hall, a Texas art dealer, and Denver Moore, a Louisiana sharecropper turned homeless man turned artist.  Their personal histories and the development of their friendship is really fascinating, and the fact that the story is true is utterly amazing.  A spiritually inspiring, and surprisingly quick, read.  Looking forward to the discussion with the As the Page Turns ladies.

Really Liked It

I picked up The Essential 55 years ago and finally pulled it off the shelf. 
After reading through it I thought it would be great to read with the boys.

For the past few months we've taken on a different "Rule" over dinner, discussing Mr. Clark's thoughts on everything from table manners to turning in homework.
Manners in general are extremely important to me and something we expect of the boys, and this book covers it all.
While geared to his students, we found a way to turn it into a quick dinner time conversation.

Ron Clark's story was captured in a tv movie with Matthew Perry playing the teacher.
I didn't see the movie, but heard good things.

Really Liked It

Lora chose The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks for our Litwits (nighttime book club) June read.
We met over dinner to discuss this past week.
I was so glad Lora chose this because it's one I'd been wanting to read for a couple of years.
It is the true story of a poor southern woman who died of cancer 60+ years ago, but whose cells were the first human cells to grow outside of her body.  They have been replicated and used to cure and study countless diseases, yet her family had no knowledge and had never been compensated.

While it is a really fascinating and bittersweet story, I think the writing could have been better.
The second half is more the story of the author trying to get the story from Henrietta's disturbed children and less on Henrietta herself. 

Liked It

What's with all the non-fiction I've been reading?  That's not like me at all!
Yet, I'll close out this post with the latest read I finished, one I loved called A Girl Named Zippy, recommended by As the Page Turns member Beth.

Zippy grew up in tiny Mooreland, Indiana and decided to write a memoir of her childhood.
Her brother and sister couldn't believe anyone would read such a boring nothing of a book, because it wasn't a fascinating place to live, and nothing much happened.

The beauty of this true story is in the writing and reflections of a precocious, curious, never-bathed little girl who recalls stories with humor and clarity.  It touches on some tough subjects, but it's mostly the story of a simple life in a simple place in a far simpler time.  I'm looking forward to Haven Kimmel's follow up books.

Loved It

And that's what I've been reading for the past couple of months!


LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Hi there, it is great to be back sharing each others recent reads, you have been doing a lot of reading!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

:D I loved the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (our book club read it)...

VERY intrigued by Zippy, and I need to get The Essential 55 for Shelley.

Thanks for linking up!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I was looking back at some books to write down to read this summer. I loved Zippy, too!