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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Containing the Mulch

We have a frustrating problem in the front of our house that David and Thomas solved today!

The landscaping on one side of our sidewalk is higher than the sidewalk so the mulch always spills over, exposing the landscape fabric.  This is what it usually looks like and it drives me crazy.

When we re-landscaped this area a few years ago and David laid the fabric, he dug out quite a bit of the dirt to help level it.  It just always looks unkempt though.

I asked a few friends for advice.  Some thought landscaping rocks would work better.  Others thought a fine mulch would stay in place better.  And there were ideas of putting in large stones along the path to create a barrier.  

David took on the project this weekend and within a couple of hours - a many year old problem - SOLVED!

While Brennan and I pruned the roses and hollies, David and Thomas went to Lowe's to look at options and came home with this product.

It's a new resin composite edging.  It looks a lot better than most of the edgings I've seen over the years.

They moved some of the dirt so they could slide the edging in between the wood and the mulched area.  It's so clean - I just love it!

It could have gone lower, but this is the perfect height so the mulch won't spill over.

It even curves when you need it to.

Later this afternoon we moved the mulch around, added another bag, and it looks absolutely fantastic now.

So Much Better!

My heroes!

1 comment:

Paula said...

I like how the edging makes a sharp line. I know you are happy to have this problem solved!