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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wine Club - Margarita Time

Our Wine Club got together at Barry & Leigh's home this past weekend for a Margarita tasting!
As always, our hosts threw one great time.

I somehow forgot my camera, and only took a couple of Instagram shots of the party. 
But don't let the lack of documentation lead you to believe a great time wasn't had by all.

David, Dave, and Rosann

Charlie and Rob

John and Greg

Lora and Rob got back into town a little late so Lora had to play catch up!

Barry makes a mean margarita.  He and Leigh devised a Margarita Tasting of 4 different margaritas.
Then we ranked them ABCD and Barry determined the winners.

Barry did not vary the strength of the drinks or the tequila itself - top shelf only.
But the other ingredients were different - cointreau, triple sec, Gran Marnier, with or without sweet & sour mix.

Much to his surprise (chagrin?), the "cheap date" Margaritas were the clear winners.
Those are the ones made with sweet & sour mix and triple sec. 
(You know - the ones you get at any Mexican restaurant.)
Except Barry makes them the way I like them - on the rocks, with salt.
No frozen syrupy stuff.

Our group's least favorite was the cream of the crop Margarita made with Gran Marnier.

But really, is there such thing as a bad Margarita?

It was a really fun tasting!  Then we sat in the living room, enjoying glasses of our favorite after the tasting, catching up and enjoying another beautiful evening with friends.

Thank you to Barry & Leigh for a great night!

1 comment:

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Is grand marnier orange flavored? Y'all do the funnest things together...y'all are fun group!