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Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Fun - part 2

We have been really enjoying the last couple of weeks with a little less going on.
In July the boys will be in various camps, so it's been great to spend time together each day.

A couple of weeks ago Thomas's band camp ended with a concert downtown.
The 7th graders played a number of summer songs for us including Katy Perry's "Firework" and some Beach Boys tunes.

They did a great job!

Thomas is in the middle, playing trumpet

Photo op time

After the concert Thomas went home with his good friend Nate for a sleepover.
Thomas loves going to Nate's because he has 3 younger siblings and he absolutely loves to spend time with them - and the feeling is mutual.

Brennan got to spend a little time with younger brothers Ryan and Matt after the concert before we all parted.

We got Brennan a toy that used to be called a Lemon Twister when I was growing up. 
Now it has all sorts of names including "Skip It".  Turns out it's really hard to do with Crocs on!

A new baby in the family!!
David's cousin Christopher and his wife Amanda had a sweet baby girl!
Jane Marie is absolutely beautiful and we can't wait to meet her.
She is the first child in the next generation in David's family!

Thomas became a babysitter this month!
He completed the Babysitter's Course through our Park and Rec department, put his business plan together, and asked if I would let friends know he is available.
After I wrapped my head around that possibility, I did, and he babysit cutie patootie Gigi one Saturday afternoon.  I wish I had thought to take a photo - they were so cute playing together!  She and Thomas got along great and he had a terrific first babysitting experience.

Here he is after he got home.  So proud!

We have a ton of wildlife in our backyard because of the ravine and trees I assume.
We've had a groundhog for years who ventures into the backyard to snack on the super tart/gross apples that fall off our apple tree.
We see him out there when we come in from the garage.  He just stares at us with a "What?" look on his face and goes about his business.

I have herbs in pots sitting on the patio out in this area and I found that someone had eaten all the parsley I had planted.  I thought it odd that the parsley didn't make it, but the mint, cilantro, rosemary, and chives did make it.  So I purchased more parsley and before I planted them in the pots, they were eaten out of the little packages!  Now my new dill is gone too!

I assumed it was Phil, our groundhog.

Then, the other morning David called us all to see a possum in the backyard.
Eating our apples and the new grass David had planted.
I couldn't believe David was going to walk out towards the possum, and I couldn't believe what the possum did.

It played possum! 
It just laid there as David got as close as he dared and stayed perfectly still.
It finally got bored and ran off into the woods.

See all the little apples?

Then this morning Thomas called us to come see a deer in the same spot!
Looking - she's eating an apple!  (I assume she's a she)

And while she noticed us, she just went back to eating.
Don't look at our pitiful grass back here.  We're in a drought and the sprinklers can't keep up.

We watched her for a long time.

She watched us too, but stayed long after we went back to our morning.

So there's no telling WHO has been eating my parsley, and to think I blamed poor Phil the groundhog all this time!
My mom says we could open a petting zoo in our backyard!

Our Philharmonic hosted its very first night club event in town on Saturday.
I went with friends from our wine club to see Steve Lippia singing Sinatra.
Vegas came to Southern Indiana.  It was fantastic!

I only took a lipstick and my iPhone so the photos aren't great, but the night was.

Mary and me - pre-party

Philharmonic Conductor David, his wife Donna (left), and our sweet friend Jayne

Ginger and me
 Barry and Leigh

Ginger and John

Mike and Mary

A great night of music, dancing, wonderful friends!

New York, New York!

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