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Saturday, June 2, 2012

May Catch Up

I haven't had a month as busy as May 2012 in a long, long time.

To celebrate Thomas getting into the high ability junior high program, we took their grandmothers to Zaharako's for dinner and ice cream.  The boys love the music.

And the ice cream of course!

We spent Memorial Day without a single commitment on the family calendar.  Hooray!
We slept in, got caught up at home, and swam swam swam.

It was really cool to see our friends (and my fellow Litwits) on the Wall Street Journal online!
Yeah Stacy and Walt and their beautiful Barbets!

Now that the boys and I are settling into our summer, things have slowed way down.
This past week Thomas started 7th grade Band Camp.  He's playing trumpet still, and loves going each morning for an hour.  Two more weeks and then a big city-wide concert that we'll all attend.

While Thomas is in band each morning, Brennan and I run errands.
He needed deodorant so we stopped in at Walgreens and I let him choose any brand/flavor he wanted.

Here's what he chose.  Ooookaaaay.

We also stopped in at the spice/olive oil/vinegar store.  I needed a Moroccan blend for a new dish.  Brennan had never been in the store before and absolutely.loved.it.  We walked away with his choice of Balsamic.

On Wednesday we went to the Presbyterian summer camp where the boys will be attending a week each this year.  I was asked to come out and speak to the counselors as they're going through their 2 weeks of training before the campers start arriving.

We had an absolute great time - having lunch with the counselors (all college students), chatting with them about kids with special needs and what parents go through in sending their child to camp, and then we went out and played two really fun games with all the counselors.  It was a great afternoon and I feel really good about the boys being there this summer.

On the way home we spotted the Russell Stover outlet store.  AND they were having a sale.
The boys were jumping up and down excited.  We stopped in of course.

I saw this online and thought it a good reminder for this extrovert.

And finally, are you familiar with the RedBall Project?  Find it online here.  I love these photos!

 Happy June!

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