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Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Fun - part 1

I absolutely love summer.
I love the fact that the boys are out of school and we don't have gobs of homework.
I love the variety in our schedules each week.
I love being able to work and play outside, and get together with friends.

I even love summer laundry - just a bunch of shorts and t-shirts.

Thomas is in his 3rd week of Band Camp, which concludes on Friday at a city-wide concert.
He is also taking a Baby Sitting class through Parks & Rec this week.
And he just started doing the fun runs with his middle school's track team twice a week, getting new 7th graders interested in the team.

Brennan's had a more laid back summer so far, but there's never a dull moment around here. 
His summer school program for kids on the autism spectrum begins tomorrow.
They're short sessions that are fun and helpful to keep the kids working on their social skills.

One night last week they came running into the kitchen asking if they could make a small fire in the driveway.  "Just a really small one, Mom", Brennan assured me.  I suggested they wait until David was back from the gym.  They commenced to burn some pine needles and mulch with a magnifying glass, and then with a fire starter lighter once Dad got home.

Brennan looks like an innocent bystander in these photos, but believe me, he was right down there burning.

David suggest they hose it down when they were through.  Brennan's small cup of water didn't quite cut it.

Last weekend we spent Saturday morning downtown, visiting the Farmer's Market and checking out a new bakery and a new specialty foods/meat shop.  A few iPhone instagram shots.

Checking out a cool alley

Chillin' at the bakery after ingesting sticky buns and cinnamon rolls

Our cool indoor play area downtown.  There's Brennan up top.

Most of the kids at the playground are so little compared to my big boys.
They haven't outgrown it yet though!

Love this shot of Brennan!

Cool arches at our downtown post office

 After a mishap, Brennan got new glasses last week.
Here he is learning how to take an iPhone photo of himself.

At the end of May the pool water was great, but then we had an early June cool spell.
The water's finally swimmable again.

Pool dance party

This little man is getting so big!
He's wanting to learn to use the push mower this summer and earn a little extra money.
And we went from hiring sitters through March 2012, to now going sitter-less, and Thomas taking a babysitting class!

Brennan's cooking hobby continues.
He marinated a piece of tilapia for us to eat as an appetizer this week.

Just like his Mama, he had to snap a photo before we tasted it!

Mike and Mary are hosting our wine club later this month and they dropped off the cutest invitations for their Picnic Themed party.  So cute!  The little bottles are ketchup and relish.  Really raising the bar, friends!


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