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Friday, June 29, 2012

101 Places to See Before You're 12 - A Repair Shop

A Repair Shop

This week, on a big bike ride, we stopped by the Bike Shop to get a new battery for my speedometer and to check out bicycles for Brennan.  He loves his bike, but he's outgrowing it quickly.  He insisted he didn't want a new bike, but fell in love with one immediately. 

We went back a couple of days later and made the purchase.  This bike will last him for years and years, and he is a biking fool of a kid - on his bike way more than the rest of us. 

While we were waiting for them to do a serious check on the bike before we loaded it up, we asked if we could have a little tour, as one of our 101 Places.  The family who owns our bike shop happily agreed.

Sorry, only iPhone photos again...

Our tour guide first loaded up Brennan's new bike and checked the tires, brakes, gears, and frame.
While he was working we checked out behind the shelving where bikes are being worked on that need more serious repairs.

Brennan especially liked their bike storage system - hanging bikes that also needed to be repaired.

Fuzzy, but here are the owner and employee putting a speedometer on Brennan's bike.
There were a lot of bikes in to be fixed but they wanted us to get what we needed and not have to wait long.

After a tour of the repair area, they asked if we wanted to see some of the other bikes.  I asked Brennan to pose with the "girl, little kid bikes" - he wanted to make sure it was clear in the photo that he was NOT interested in this kind of bike!

However, he was very interested in the unicycles, and went on to lecture tell us about how he learned to ride a unicycle.  I questioned that declaration.  Then he revised to explain that he learned how to ride one by reading about them in a book.  So he was sure he could just get on this one and ride.

They had a ton of bicycles, and Brennan dutifully took a look at all the ones in his size, but wanted that first one that he spotted on Day 1.

He now has a serious bike for serious rides!

From the Book:
#43 - A Repair Shop
Cars, appliances, cameras, bicycles, you name it - everything breaks.  And somebody, somewhere, knows how to fix it.  If you're the kind of kid who has to take everything apart to see how it works, you've really got to see a repair shop.  When your parents take the car in for repairs, ask whether you can take a look as the mechanics put it up on a lift or get under the hood.  When your bike needs fixing, ask if you can watch the bike mechanic do the work.  Watch as your washing machine repair person pulls tubes and wires out and puts everything back together again.  Who knows, you may even figure out how to put something you took apart back together again.

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