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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

101 Places to See Before You're 12 - The House Where Your Parents Grew Up

The House Where Your Parent(s) Grew Up
We are fortunate that when we travel to visit family, we are able to see most of our family in one town.  So, #24 in the book above was pretty simple for us to do!

This is David's house where he grew up.

And this is my house where I lived for 3 years.  I grew up in a military family so we lived in numerous houses, but this one is HOME.

Thomas and Brennan love visiting their grandparents at our childhood homes three or four times a year.  We are very fortunate that our families lives less than a mile from each other!

From the book:

#24 - The House Where Your Parent(s) Grew Up
"It used to be so much bigger" is probably the first thing your mom or dad will say.  Your dad will start to tell you lots of funny stories about what he used to do and the time he got in so much trouble for something he would never let you do.  Your mom will talk about trees or bushes that used to be there, or who her neighbors were, or she'll start digging in the yard for smething she buried long ago.  She might even start to cry.  You may learn more about your parents from this one visit than you've ever known.  And you may find out that underneath all that grown-up stuff, your parent is really a kid at heart.

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