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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

101 Places to See Before You're 12 - A Dinosaur Site


When we visited Chicago in May 2008, we visited the Field Natural History Museum and the boys absolutely loved it.  I had in the back of my mind to go to the Shedd Aquarium too that afternoon, time permitting, but we had too much fun at the Field Museum.

One of our favorite sections of the museum was the Dinosaur exhibit.  Thomas has always loved Dinosaurs and still considers Paleontologist one of his possible careers.

not sure who the families on the right are:)

From the Book
#59 - A Dinosaur Site
All of North America was once dinosaur country, and dinosaurs left their mark (well, their bones and footprints, really) all over the place before they disappeared forever.  A visit to a dinosaur site or museum is as close as you can get to seeing what they were like in real life.  You can look at reconstructed skeletons and life-size reproductions, and maybe even take part in a dig yourself.  It's amazing how many different types of dinosaurs there were (and scientists are discovering an average of seven new kinds each year).  If you are, or ever were, dino-crazy, you've just gotta check out a dino-site.

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