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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Muncie Children's Museum (aka Stop Growing Up!)

Spring Break, Day 2.  Thomas heard that there was a great Jim Davis (Garfield comic book creator) exhibit at the Muncie Children's Museum and he had been begging to go.  I decided that I didn't want to devote a beautiful summer Saturday going, and yesterday was a great day to make the trip.

It was apparent as we stepped in that my boys were too old for this Children's Museum.

That didn't stop us from looking at all the cool exhibits (like this ant hill climbing area).

Or this barn - see my farmers in the top window.

But we had seen and done it all in 20 minutes.  The boys were surprised and expected more.  I reminded them that a bunch of the exhibits they sailed right past would have been really cool if they were 3 years younger.  And, they're spoiled with so many children's museums around us.  They've kind of seen it all.

Thomas took advantage of the exhibit to study the underneath of a car.

We give the Muncie Children's Museum a thumbs up.  It would be great for the 2-7 year old crowd.  I thought the layout was great - really eye catching.  But, my boys are getting too old and I'm not at all pleased with that :(

As we were driving away we passed a restaurant with this huge Paul Bunyan.  This was pretty cool because Brennan had just finished reading a Paul Bunyan book earlier this week!


Anna said...

it looks like fun, even if your boys were too old to really spend a lot of time there. That first picture is really neat.

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