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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Destination ImagiNation 2010

Thomas joined a Destination ImagiNation team this year and has LOVED it.  The program is run at the school and involves creative problem solving.  There are 2 coaches who work with the students, but all solutions to the team challenges have to be completely created and developed by the students (however hard they may be for us parents and coaches).

Thomas has put in a ton of hours on this project and the boys were so excited to attend the Regional Competition yesterday.  Of course, we all attended too.

In the cafeteria between staging and presentation.

Our team consisted of 5 boys - 4th and 5th graders.  Our school had 7 teams.

Brennan and his friend Reece found ways to have a good time during all the downtime.

The solution included a required skit.  It's hard to explain but our team's skit included Thomas dressed up as  Booger Monster.  Great costume though, isn't it?

Thomas narrated their program in front of hundreds of people and did a great job.  No fear of public speaking for this one.

The team with the judges before the official presentation.

Our challenge was to figure out and build a way to drop objects into targets on the other side of an 8 foot wall without being able to see where the targets were from the other side of the wall.  Our team decided to build a crane with a pulley system.  This, along with a required skit, song and costume was really impressive.  And the boys developed all of this on their own.

Unfortunately our team did not win the competition.  Thomas is disappointed devastated.  We are truly so impressed with the teamwork, the creativity, and his presentation skills.  We're just so proud of him.  Right now though not winning feels like a failure, but hopefully soon he'll be able to see that giving it his all made him a winner.

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Shannon said...

I taught with a woman who was the captain/leader of the school's DI team for several years. They all LOVED it!