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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lew Wallace Study - A Blog Post from Thomas

Hi I'm Thomas in fourth grade and I'm doing my Famous Hoosier project on Lew Wallace.  Yesterday we want to Crawfordsville and saw his study.  I took all of the pictures except for the ones that I am in.  My mom took those.

This placque is just outside the Lew Wallace Study and Museum.

This is a statue of Lew Wallace.  The statue is where his old beech tree used to be.  It was really huge and he sat under it and wrote most of Ben-Hur.

This is his study.

This is the front entrance to the study.

A bust of Lew Wallace.

A video of Lew Wallace's life.

His unfinished violin that he was making.  He made violins and he played.

Props from the movie Ben-Hur.

Me building a model of the study.

 One of the sides of the finished model.  Lew Wallace designed his study next to his house and his carriage house.  He used Roman architecture, Byzantine architecture and Greek architecture. 

One of Lew Wallace's paintings that he painted.

Me on his back porch

Lew Wallace was an artist, soldier, author, politician, musician, inventor, Ambassador, lawyer, and fisherman.  I hope you liked my photos of our trip to visit Lew Wallace's Study and Museum.

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