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Saturday, March 27, 2010

101 Places to See Before You're 12 - An Unusual Animal Farm

On our way to visit family in Mississippi last week, we took a side trip to visit An Unusual Animal Farm.  In Tupelo we visited the Buffalo Park and Zoo.

(not a real buffalo)

Here are the real buffalos.  We didn't have the chance to take the bus tour to see others, but apparently this site has the largest buffalo herd east of the Mississippi River.

A cool turtle - he was huge!

I love this photo of Brennan with the giraffe.  They knew we all could have food so just walked right up.


Llamas are so funny to me.  They are very confident, just walk right up.  But there's something about them that makes me think they will spit at you if you look at them wrong.

A zeedonk - cross between a zebra and a donkey.  Apparently these are common - I've never seen one before.

It's as if these goats were posing.  I swear they saw me taking pictures and climbed on their little stages.

These were awfully loud and boisterous parrots.  Performing and hamming it up for the tourists.
My mom called yesterday - apparently a capuchin monkey was born yesterday at the Buffalo Park.  They're taking suggestions for names.  We'll have to head to their website and think up a couple.  The capuchin we saw (sorry, no photo) Thomas is SURE is the one from the "Night at the Museum" movies. 

From the Book:

#74 - An Unusual Animal Farm
Bison, emus, ostriches, llamas, and alpacas:  Old McDonald never had these on his farm.  However, some farmers do, and it's fun to see them.  There's really nothing like the sight of hundreds of enormous woolly bison grazing on a hill together or the sound of a peacock mating call (it's way louder than you would think!).  And who can resist the sight of a friendly, fluffy llama?  Unlike at a zoo, you get to observe the animals up close at an animal farm.  Rules permitting, you may even get to interact with them and find out the answer to that eternal question:  Do llamas really spit?

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