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Monday, November 21, 2011

Catching Up - Random October and November Photos

I'm a little behind on my random photos, and sharing them on our blog so bear with me.

Last month all the 6th graders did a Parents Night presentation on MesoAmerica.
Thomas did his research, paper, and presentation on Quipus, which is knotting and the way that the Mayans and Aztecs counted by making knots in ropes. 
Thomas created a game for the kids coming through to try their hand at Quipus. 
He did a great job with absolutely no help from David and me.

Brennan is in his first serious play this week. 
I've been volunteering a lot at the school because this is a challenge for Brennan. 
He's doing well though. 
The first performance is today at the school and I'll be there, along with the other 4 performances this week!

He is Grandpa George in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
He's under the covers at the Buckett Home for much of the play.
Here he is in his "old man pajamas" and gray hair. 

This kid has soooo much homework. 
The advanced program that he's in has really been an eye-opener for him.
He's doing well but definitely staying challenged.
He's pretty quick with his homework so we can usually make it to swimming but the volume and what they're learning is pretty incredible.

This is my typical afternoon view - Brennan studying while I'm getting dinner ready so when we're back from sports I can pop it in the oven.

We are so excited that Gary and Melissa's little girl Adelynn Rae has arrived!
Addie was born on the 17th weighing in at 9 lbs 10 oz!
She is going to be in NICU for a few more days and I'm looking forward to seeing the family tomorrow!

A Scottish friend shared this on facebook recently - offering to confuse the rest of us even more than we already are about the British Isles.  I think I just call it all "Britain" and am done with it.  This is rather confusing!

My blog friend Anna recently became a U.S. Citizen! It's been fascinating to hear about the process. She shared this link to the Naturalization Self Test. It's really interesting! I've gone through it a few times. Congratulations Kiwi in Texas!

Hope you're having a great Thanksgiving week!

1 comment:

Anna said...

Hi Bonnie, how sweet of you to mention me on your blog :)
I love the Charlie and the Chocolate factory story, how exciting for Brennan.
Happy Thanksgiving!