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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Veterans Day 2011

Veterans Day is an impressively important holiday where we live.
I honestly don't remember it being celebrated this much when I was younger.
Or even a few years ago.
Or maybe that's because the boys weren't in school at that time.

I don't know.  Is it just here or is Veterans Day really celebrated everywhere?

The boys' school had a couple of big Veterans Day programs last Friday.
Here are the front doors, decorated to welcome visitors.

Thomas and Brennan both were assigned to do interviews with a Veteran.
Thomas's 6th grade did papers, presentations, and posters for the Veterans they interviewed.
While at the school today I was really taken aback by the Veterans Wall they've created.

This is just one length of wall.

Brennan wrote a paper and presented to his class on Veterans Day.
60+ Veterans came to the school program.
The 6th graders then hosted the Veterans in a cookie/punch reception.

This is the wall with Thomas's poster.

The boys both did their Veterans Day assignments about their Grandpa Laroy.

It's awesome to see patriotism and true understanding of Veterans Day alive and well!

1 comment:

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

I am back catching up with my favourite blogs after completing the olive harvest. I think it is very important that the younger generations are taught about such events and was very interested to read this post. Well done to the boys for their contributions Bonnie.