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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Brennan's First Swim Meet

Brennan participated in his first swim meet over the weekend.
We did not get any good photos, but I vow to do so next time.
David was high in the stands and Thomas and I were working the meet.

I was a timer so got to be down on the pool deck with Brennan and cheer him on.

Brennan participated in 3 races.  Here are his official times.

50 yard free style - 1:08:08
200 yard free relay with 3 other boys - 3:25:18
50 yard breast stroke - disqualified for a flip turn

We learned a tremendous amount at this meet and Brennan had a good time.
He'll be participating in a few more this school year.
It was really something to see all the parents and grandparents in the stands cheering on their kids.

Brennan was happy that his swim coach, Krista, came to cheer him on too!

On Sunday he spent quite a bit of time with David, hanging a new t.v. in our living room.
Many errands to Sam's, Lowe's, Wal-Mart.
He spent the travel time studying the two mayoral candidates to determine who he would vote for.

Economics are very important to Brennan, but he completely dislikes politics.
He's hoping we get a good mayor who understands the difference between the two and spends more time on economics.

(yes, he's 9)

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