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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fun Thanksgiving Candles

We hosted 16 for Thanksgiving and had a wonderful day!
Since we don't live near family, we always have Thanksgiving with friends who are also far from home.

For the Adult and Kids tables, Thomas and I made some fun candles using food while Dad and Brennan were at swimming.  These could be used any time of course but were great for Thanksgiving.

I shared this one the other day when I hosted the Litwits for our Pride and Prejudice discussion.
This candle can be made ahead of time and lasts for days.

I had extra cranberries after making Cranberry Orange Scones, which I shared on the food blog,
so Thomas and I made this candle, using a chocolate candle.  It smelled great!

I saw this next candle in Good Housekeeping in October and snipped it to try for Thanksgiving.

Take a bunch of asparagus and trim the ends off so the spears are all the same size, at the height you want for your candle holder.

Take the rubber band that comes with the asparagus and wrap it around the candle holder, tucking asparagus spears in all the way around.

Top with a ribbon and you're ready to go.

Everyone loved this candle.
It can be made a day ahead of time and lasts a couple of days.

Tip:  lay the asparagus out flat to line up the lengths before trimming the ends. 
(I trimmed them to what I thought were even lengths while they were still in the round bunch.  Didn't work.)  That's OK though.

Another Tip:  depending on the width of your candle holder, you may need more than 1 bunch of asparagus.  We made do with 1 bunch.

Final Tip:  wash the asparagus well because your 9 year old asparagus lover may help himself to the decoration.

The final set of candles we made are some I used to make years ago.
Take produce and core out a tea light-size hole.

Apples are great for Thanksgiving.
I've also done 3 along the length of a zucchini.
And in a small pumpkin.

The kids love them.

I bought this corer through Lilian Vernon years ago.

The original directions I followed strongly suggested using the metal holder tea lights for this type of candle.  I was happy that I had two leftover.

This candle needs to be made on the day of.

Fun Thanksgiving candles that the kids helped make!

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Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

:D I love these because they are so simple and elegant at the same time. LOVE the asparagus.