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Sunday, November 20, 2011

What I'm Reading

Well, Ricki Jill and I decided to stop hosting our What We're Reading blog parties each month on the 20th. We just didn't have many people linking up.
But that won't stop us from continuing to post about what we're reading on our blogs.
We love to hear what you've been reading too!

In looking at my Goodreads.com list since last month's posting, I'm shocked to see that I've only finished two books this month.  Then I realized - it's because I re-read two books (which I never, ever do).  So here are the two new books I've read this month.

Our book club, the Litwits, is reading Pride and Prejudice for November and I'm hosting.
I chose P&P because I've never, ever read it and knew I needed to.  I've had it and just kept putting off reading it.  I know the movies so well.  I guess I thought it was going to be more daunting than it actually was to read the book.  The original Chick Lit novel I think!  Fantastic and I can't wait for the discussion this week.

I love the detail that is in the book.  I was thrilled to read a lot of dialogue between Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy - there's just not enough time for the dialogue in a movie or mini-series.  Loved Jane Austen's humor. 

And then the library sent me an email that this book that I've had on my waiting list forever was finally published and my copy was waiting for me at the front desk.  Joy!  I love Mindy Kaling who is one of my favorite cast members (and writers) of The Office on Thursday nights.  A funny book about her life growing up in Boston and the transition from Ivy League school to the poor life in New York City to full-time work in Los Angeles.  A fast read and the 3rd memoir I've read this year (along with Tina Fey's and Rob Lowe's).  I never, ever read memoirs so this was quite a switch for me.

And that's what I've been reading.
I have a whole stack of library books and new books next to my bed that I'm anxious to dive into.

So, what are YOU reading?


cmoh said...

I am totally bummed about you stopping. I had family visiting this week so my post wasn't ready on the 20th. I had just discovered it and was thrilled with it and got some great titles.

Looking forward to seeing what you are reading but wish you hadn't stopped :(


LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Hi Bonnie you may not have even missed me but I have been absent for awhile, holidays and then the olive harvest, it is taking me awhile to catch up with all my favourite blogs. I have not forgotten the linky parties just not had the time!
I am so pleased that you enjoyed Pride and Prejudice one of my all time favourite classics.