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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thomas and Brennan were in their classes' plays today.
This was their final performance in the auditorium of another local elementary school.
There were a lot of friends and family members in attendance today.

We were so proud of the boys for doing such a great job. 
In addition to learning their lines, the classes were responsible for designing and building all the sets, designing the costumes and making many of them, for lighting, sound, and making the programs!

This is one of the many times that I wish we lived closer to family so their loved ones could have seen them in their shows. 
David and I attended them today and were so proud.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Brennan's 4th grade class did the hour-long play. 
They had some great props and sets that you won't see in Brennan's simpler scenes below.
He played Grandpa George (in the back with the white hair).

Charlie got the Golden Ticket!  Hurrah!

This was Brennan's first real play and we knew it would be a challenge for him, but he did a fantastic job.  He tells me he really liked it but is glad it'll be a year before they have to do another one!

Congratulations 4th graders!

Peter Pan
Thomas is a veteran stage actor and had a blast with his 6th grade class's Peter Pan play.
In addition to playing Smee (Captain Hook's terrible cook and right-hand-guy), he was responsible for set design.  They did a fantastic job!

At the Darling's

Smee feeding the Narrators his terrible soup

Captain Hook ordering Smee to capture Princess Tiger Lily

The Pirates in Neverland

 The teachers did a great job helping the kids pull these plays together.
As a parent volunteer, I can tell you I'm beat!

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