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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Zaharako's for a Sweet Treat

We went to Zaharako's yesterday afternoon for a scoop of ice cream (and syrup and sprinkles...). The boys really liked it years ago when we moved back, but they've been closed for 2+ years renovating the 109 year old Ice Cream Parlor.

The front doors are original and were refurbished.

View of the parlor on the last day before they closed. Everything has been refurbished.

The orchestrion - player piano. When it started up, the boys were first in line to see it. It drew quite the crowd.

Cool ceilings fixed up and repaired.

The original solid marble soda fountain.

A long view of the double back soda fountain bar before the remodel.

The 1905 Tiffany lamp.

A new room was remodeled for parties. The woodwork is really beautiful.

And, the most important part, the ICE CREAM, was delicious. And so inexpensive. They have a small menu of diner food as well. I'm sure it'll become one of our regular restaurants.

1 comment:

Wendy said...

We will definitely have to go next time we are in town!!