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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hip Hop Recital 2009

Thomas and Brennan had their Hip Hop dance recital last night. It was a LONG night with many, many numbers performed. The boys did really well and we were so proud of them.

We took Hip Hop this year because they love to dance, Brennan especially. And aren't afraid of an audience. We're always looking for activties that we think Brennan will enjoy and do well in. Teams are tough for him, but he really did great in Hip Hop. We challenge Brennan a lot and we are consistently impressed by how he rises to it. He seems to find an inner strength to accomplish what's important to him, despite the struggles that he faces.

Thomas learned this routine with no issue and LOVES being on that stage. No fear. I love that about him.

For the most part of the dance, Brennan's on the far left and Thomas is on the right. The extra stunt at the end that they planned got a big laugh too.

We've ordered the professional DVD of the recital so we'll have a good copy of the number. But this gives you a flavor!


Stacy Brogan Able said...

This is adorable! Good work guys!!

Wendy said...

Very cool!!