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Monday, June 22, 2009

Starkville Trip June 2009

We had a really nice 4 day weekend in Starkville. Here are a few photos from the first half of the trip.
Brennan, Don, and Thomas at Umi's Japanese Steakhouse. The Boatwrights took us out to celebrate Thomas's birthday.

The servers who sang (and gonged) during Thomas's birthday song.

Taylor, Thomas, and Carolyn during the birthday song

Ellie with chocolate cake, candles in the shape of a T

The cousins enjoying birthday cake

Opening gifts

Thomas and Mamaw enjoying Mississippi State ice cream

Mama and Mamaw at the Cheese Shop

Enjoying Mississippi State ice cream

Brennan playing some selected tunes at the Nursing Home. It would have been nice if the piano was in tune :)

The boys' great grandmothers. It's a special treat to get to see them both!

I love this photo of the boys and their great-grandmothers

1 comment:

Scott said...

Looks like a nice trip! Boy, you brought back some memories about how good that MSU ice cream was!