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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Take Our Children to Work

Thomas attended Take our Children to Work day yesterday. Because David and I work at the same company, in the same building, he was able to join both of us for the day.Thomas enjoyed the mini-museum in the corporate office building. Here is an Audubon - only diesel version still in existence.

The "Exploded Engine" sculpture is always a hit. It was Thomas's favorite part of the day. When I bring engineering candidates in, they always whip out the cell phones to take pictures of this 1960's sculpture.

Thomas enjoyed seeing Clessie Cummins' original engineering notebooks from 90-100 years ago.

I have a lot of pictures of Thomas pointing to things - he's explaining how the engines work. He was pretty fascinated by seeing all the engines up close.

This diesel was the only one to ever win pole position at the Indy 500.

Al Unser Sr.'s 1987 Indy 500 winning car

More 'splaining to Mommy.

We had a Peterbilt truck out front that the kids got to climb on and hear about. They loved the bed in the cab.

On the way to meet up with Daddy and attend an IT meeting (fascinating!), we stopped in at the corporate cafe. This is the ACTUAL BOOTH where David and I had lunch last week!

After getting caught up on IT, David took Thomas to the local airport to tour the corporate jets.

Back at the office after pizza the kids attended 3 modules on Finance, Engineering, and Diversity. Here they're learning about exchange rates with Euros, Rupees, and Yuan and they're purchasing candy with their play money. It was complicated, but they like the strategizing to optimize their candy loot.

While he looks angelic, this captures the true boy.

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