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Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Summer Book

Every summer my friend Beth chooses a parenting book to read and focus on with her kids. She always has great book suggestions. This year, I'm able to suggest one to her. My summer book is the one above that I recently heard about on NPR.

The premise is that American children these days do not have the same love of country that earlier generations grew up with. Our children know they're fortunate and know all about Independence Day and Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln, but patriotism doesn't live in their hearts. This book by a New York Times author and a former White House speechwriter provides lots of great ideas for encouraging an awakening and deeper appreciation for the United States.

I just read the first couple of chapters this morning and I am already excited about this weekend's first foray into our Americana immersion. The best part about this book - these are great (and, in most cases, cheap or free) ideas for good old fashioned family fun time.

(David, I can feel you taking a deep breath as you steady yourelf for yet another one of my family adventure ideas!)

I'll be blogging regularly about our Patriot Summer so check back soon!

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