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Friday, June 5, 2009

Gymnastics and Zaharako's

Summer has started! (and we apparently need shorts that aren't fraying) Yesterday the boys had 3 friends over for a day of swimming and serious playing. We then attended a boys-only gymnastics class. And then downtown to NeighborFEST (food and music). They had a very full day and showed no signs of fatigue this morning.

During our walk downtown last night, it was really fun to see Zaharako's whichs reopens tomorrow after a 2 year renovation. It is a soda parlor in town that was opened in 1900. They have a Welte self-playing organ (1908), a Tiffany chandelier (1905), and a Mexican onyx soda fountain (1905). The boys used to love going there when we first moved back to town, but it was so run down. I understand the inside is amazing now. Can't wait to see it tomorrow and maybe get some good photos.

I tried to take some shots at gymnastics but need to set my camera on "action". The boys really enjoyed the class. Brennan was irritated at not being able to do everything correctly on the first try. He wanted NO HELP at all. I think the class will be a lot of fun this summer.

Aren't these daylilies beautiful? They were in an alley downtown. The ones in our yard are yellow so it was fun to see this color.

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