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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

101 Places to See Before You're 12 - An Old Folks' Home

When our book first arrived, Brennan turned right to this page.  "We've been to one - a lot!"  That is true.  My 98 year old grandmother lives at a nursing home (or an "Old People Store" as Brennan used to call it) and we visit her three or four times a year when we travel south.

I'm always proud of my boys because they aren't hesitant to go and they love to visit Mawmaw - she has a cool wheelchair and a cool bed.  They do get a little bored sometimes though.   Luckily their lobby has a piano so the boys can entertain us.

Here we are last spring break visiting.

And here are the boys with both of their great-grandmothers last year.  They're so lucky to have them both and be able to spend time with them and get to know them.  We're looking forward to seeing them both next month.

From the book:
#35 - An Old Folks' Home
You might think that you don't have a whole lot in common with old people:  you're not exactly on the same energy level.  What could you possibly do at an old folks' home that would be fun?  How about talking?  Pick your favorite subject.  You like baseball?  You might find someone who saw Jackie Robinson play ball, live, in person.  Is music your thing?  There's bound to be an old-timer around with a cool collection of 78 records.  Wonder what it was like to live through, or even fight in, World War II?  Don't just read about it in a book - hear the story firsthand.  People don't stop being interesting just because they're old.  A long life means lots of great stories to tell:  all you have to do is listen. 

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