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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sheldon Stands Up to Cancer

Jim Parsons (aka Sheldon on "The Big Bang Theory") joins celebrities in the Stand Up to Cancer project.  I've seen the fundraiser on tv a couple of years now.  I'm linking this video here because it's a great cause, but also because WE LOVE SHELDON!

David and I have dissimilar tastes in t.v. shows.  For years there hasn't been one show that we've both watched.  Oh, I've forced him to watch various episodes of "The Office" with me.  And he's allowed me to watch whatever Discover/History/PBS science/WWII/engineering/business/documentary that he happened to be watching at the time.  Or College Football.  But recently we've discovered two shows that we religiously watch together via TiVo.

The "Big Bang Theory" is very funny and strikes home because we see a LOT of Brennan in Sheldon.  Watching so many episodes we crack up because our little 8 year old has said the exact.same.thing.  I love it when there's a new episode to check out.

Our other show is "Modern Family".  It's really funny.

Do you watch "The Big Bang Theory" or "Modern Family"?

1 comment:

Kendra said...

My hubby and I dont like a lot of similar shows either. In fact he runs away quickly when I turn on the Biggest Loser, lol. But I've seen a few shows of the big bang theory, it is funny!